Take Action: Email Governor Cuomo to Keep SHSAT

Take Action: Email Governor Cuomo to Keep SHSAT

A message from the Coalition of Specialized HS Alumni Associations.

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This has been a trying year on so many levels. And now because of the NYC Department of Education’s failure to give the SHSAT as scheduled in early November thousands of parents and students worry that Mayor De Blasio and Chancellor Carranza, who both oppose the test, are using the pandemic as an excuse to cancel the SHSAT.

Last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, Teens Take Charge, a supposedly independent organization that works hand in glove with the Chancellor opposing the test, wrote Governor Cuomo urging him to issue an executive order suspending the use of the test for this year. Because the Governor has special powers during the pandemic, they are urging him to do so because they claim it is currently difficult to remotely administer the test.

This argument ignores that applicants are supposed to register for the test remotely. It also ignores that AP exams are being given remotely, the NYS bar exam for lawyers is being given remotely, and that the NYC Catholic Schools gave their admission test remotely, and did it in early November on the same day that the SHSAT was to be taken! Clearly, remote testing can be done during the pandemic in a manner that preserves the integrity of the test. A remote SHSAT supplemented by some in-person testing done with all safety protocols can be done, but a one-year suspension of the SHSAT would cause irreparable damage and crush the dreams of 30,000 students who have prepared and expect to take the test this academic year.

Please email the Governor today to oppose suspension of the test. It’s important!
Share this action widely. Thank you for your advocacy.

@All,  “发邮件给州长保卫SHSAT, 捍卫华裔孩子公平入学机会”

从2月起,我们就担心反对SHSAT的De Blasio市长和 Carranza教育总监市长会以COVID-19为由取消了SHSAT。  果真纽约市教育局未能按计划在11月初提供SHSAT。

上周三反对SHSAT的Teens Take Charge要求州长Cuomo取消了SHSAT因为难远程管理该测试,因为州长在大流行期间拥有这个特殊权力。 众所周知这是个借口,AP考试,纽约州律师考试,以及NYC天主教学校入学考试都可以远程进行,更不用提SHSAT考试只是3万人几个小时,比起安排近50万人天天上学容易多了,风险也小多了。

千万不要天真以为SHSAT考试暂停只是今年,一旦开了这个头,将无法恢复。Teens Take Charge可以要求州长Cuomo取消了SHSAT。 我们也可以要求州长Cuomo继续SHSAT。 比的就是谁的声音大。

特殊高中校友会都为大家准备好了邮件, 请点下面链接花1分钟,告诉州长Cuomo我们的孩子也是美国人,我们应该有同样的公平入学机会。  一家人可以都发, http://www.votervoice.net/Shares/BAAAAAdhACPITAG_4VX7FAA