The New York Residents Alliance is a non-profit organization supported by the government as well as several other organizations. Special thanks to our supporters and visit their website below!


The Chinese American Citizens Alliance Greater New York

The Chinese American Citizens Alliance honors many of the same virtues and values of the NYRA, and in turn also works to enhance New York for the future generations to come. It is an organization to empower Chinese Americans, as citizens of the United States of America, by advocacy for Chinese-American interests based on the principles of fairness and equal opportunity, and guided by the ideals of patriotism, civility, dedication to family and culture, and the highest ethical and moral standards.

Place NYC

Advocates for a high quality, challenging education for every student in all NYC DOE Public Schools by increasing the academic rigor of all school curricula. The parent leaders of PLACE NYC envision integrated classrooms of life-long learners where all students from across the entire learning ability spectrum are fully supported. Accelerated curricula at all grade levels improve individual student outcomes, advance integration efforts and strengthen school quality.

Queens Parent United

QPU is a coalition of parents, families, and other community stakeholders committed to pursuing excellence in our public school system for all by improving schools within each local community. 

Hotel Chinese Association of USA

The purpose and mission of the Hotel Chinese Association is to help all hotel Chinese employees successfully obtain an equal treatment working environment, thereby providing a communication and vocational training platform. We fully coordinate and cooperate with hotel management authorities and hotel unions to support and complete the association. As for the plan for the members, we will use the voice of the association to continuously develop the members and unite the strength of all members to enhance the influence of our hotel Chinese association in the mainstream society and make contributions to the society.

Asian American Community Empowerment (BRACE)

BRACE (Asian American Community Empowerment) was founded by seven Chinese American organizations. Its mission is to promote the unity of the community; to advance the civic voice of Asian diaspora; and to fight for equal rights and treatment for Asian Americans. 

Coalition of Asian Americans for Civil Rights – CAACR

The CAACR is dedicated towards sparking and maintaining movements and protests for the better of NYC. Like the NYRA, it was behind the uprising and activism against cancelling the SHSAT, which would’ve benefited no one and harmed many.