Current Projects: 

  • Fall Camp 2020 Data

Past Projects:

  • Summer Camp 2020 Data

The Academic Team gathered and analyzed the scores of students for 6 weeks. One way the team organized the data was by student strengths and weaknesses. By identifying specific topics that students struggled with, the instructor and TAs were able to tailor their lesson plans so it better suited the students. At the end of the program, the comprehensive report shows that the mean scores of 7th and 8th graders are 503 and 536 respectively. Overall, 40.00% of 7th graders and 41.18% of 8th graders would make Stuyvesant High School, the most competitive specialized high school, based on the recent mock test.

  • TA Evaluation

The Academic Team created a detailed rubric that rated each TA and their performance throughout the summer camp. Some categories in the rubric are responsibility fulfillment, engagement, and parent feedback. Their evaluation determined the final certificate level that each individual TA earned. In all, the academic team fairly evaluated ~80 TAs and adapted the rubric for the ~90 students.