Youth4AM is excited to announce that we are starting the recruitment and registration process of high school volunteers and students for our 2023 Summer Tutoring Program. 


Youth4AM is seeking dedicated high school volunteers who demonstrate strong ELA and Math skills to prepare and mentor middle schoolers for the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test. In addition to community service hours, volunteers will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills. While traditional leadership programs usually last only a few weeks and are costly, Youth4AM offers a leadership development program to foster critical real world skills through managing a real business. In the five years, volunteers will start off as a teacher assistant (TA) before becoming managers and directors as they take on more responsibilities.


Youth4AM is continuing our Summer SHSAT Tutoring Program in 2022! Taught and mentored by volunteers who attend specialized high schools and top high schools like Hunter College High School and Townsend Harris High School, we ensure that our students get excellent yet affordable SHSAT prep. Students who attended in 2020 saw impressive improvements in their SHSAT scores with 47% of students meeting the top 3 SHS cutoff scores. 27% scored higher than the cutoff score for Stuyvesant High School. Students also develop time management skills, learn to research, and refine their public speaking with the help of a college professor. Register through the link below and fill out the form!