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Youth4AM Summer Camp 2022 Opening Ceremony

June 28, 2022

Youth4AM is hosting its fourth annual opening ceremony this Tuesday, July 5th to celebrate the start of the 2022 SHSAT & Leadership Camp. The ceremony would run from 7 PM – 9 PM on Zoom. Please register here: https://nyresidentsalliance.org/elementor-2197/

For information on the ceremony agenda and camp details, click the image above!

Youth4AM SHSAT & Leadership Camp 2021 Closing Ceremony

August 6, 2021

Youth4AM is hosting its third annual closing ceremony this Saturday, August 7th to celebrate the completion of the 2021 SHSAT & Leadership Camp. The ceremony would run from 9:30 AM-12:30 AM on Zoom. Register here!

For information on the ceremony agenda and camp details, click the image above!

培訓6周 65%八年級學術成績達特殊高中

August 15, 2020

為豐富學生的暑期生活,紐約居民聯盟今年舉辦第二屆「暑期學習夏令營」,以線上交流方式為學生提供特殊高中入學考試(SHSAT)與公共演講等課程;15日的結業典禮上,由三組學生帶來「華裔在美國社會地位」主題演講,邀請州參議員劉醇逸、史塔文斯基(Toby Stavisky)與市議員顧雅明等多位民選官員參與。

改變「啞裔」刻板印象 SHSAT夏令營鼓勵孩子「說出來」

July 18, 2020



June 25, 2020



Outside of a residents’ meeting where New York Mayor Bill de Blasio attended, a group of mainly Chinese people held up slogans to express their dissatisfaction with Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza. A more intense encounter occurred on the 4th when Chinese protestors weren't allowed entry into the meeting of the 22nd School District Board of Education and the Director of Education.

Watch the intense encounter here! Read about the potential motives and the aftermath!


Asian protesters clashed with security personnel at a town hall meeting with Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza in Brooklyn. Just last year, Community Education Council 22 was thrown into controversy after Jackie Cody, a member who attended the meeting, used racial slurs against Asians. This caused furious backlash and protests similar to the opposition against Carranza now.

Learn more about the fuming clash here! Read up on organizer Linda Lam!


Youth4AM, a summer camp organized by the New York Residents Alliance, held its first graduation ceremony today! Among organizers, parents, students, and volunteers, guest speakers and elected officials gathered to recognize the achievements of the students and camp success.

Click to watch the ceremony and listen to the goals and experiences of students, volunteers, and organizers themselves!


Organized by the New York Residents Alliance, this summer camp offers cheap and quality SHSAT prep for middle school students. With volunteers from elite high schools in New York City, the program is led by passionate students and dedicated parents. Let's check out their learning environment!


Asian parents are outraged at New York City Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza and his call to terminate the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT). The SHSAT has been the one test that determines enrollment into NYC's top public high schools for decades. However, Carranza and Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to scrap the test enforce a new system. Asian parents see this as anti-Asian racism.

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More than a hundred parents gathered at city hall today to protest and demand that NYC Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza steps down. The demonstration went on for two hours as numerous slogans such as "Fire Carranza!" and "Carranza Wants Racial Division" were thrown around.

Read more about the protest here!


On the last day of the school year, more than 200 parents gathered in front of city hall to protest against Carranza's call to eliminate the SHSAT. Their demonstration is met with opposition from Teen Take Charge and City Councillors Brad Lander and Mark Treyger. They support Carranza and urge the cancellation of the test.

Learn more about the showdown in this article!


On the 26th, hundreds of parents organized a demonstration against NYC Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza who supports the removal of the SHSAT. The parents no doubt also support public school diversity, but argue that Carranza's policies are misleading. Demonstrator Zhu Yating said that the diversity problem does not reside in the SHSAT but the lack of high-quality academic resources in communities throughout New York City.

Learn about the experience of a parent who took part in the demonstration. Dive deeper into Zhu Yating's argument in the article above!


Outside the Department of Education headquarters in Manhattan, around 80 protestors gathered to advocate for the firing of Richard Carranza. Along with Mayor Bill de Blasio, Carranza wants to reform admission to the specialized high schools in New York City. The DOE acknowledges that the new plan would decrease Asian American enrollment by as much as 60%. Parents such as Linda Lam are outraged.

Check out how Carranza addressed these allegations!


With time running down, hundreds of parents gathered in City Hall under the scorching sun to advocate for the removal of Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza and to keep the SHSAT. They accused Carranza of being an unfit leader who divides ethnic groups and demanded his dismissal.

Learn more about the protest effort here!


Amidst the rain, more than 50 Asian parent gathered near City Hall, demanding NYC Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza to step down. They believe that Carranza's so-called "fair and diverse education policy" has only divided the racial communities in the city. Now, the city council is split into two factions. One faction, led by councilman Robert Holden, asked the mayor of New York to fire Carranza. The chairman of the council’s education committee, Mark Treyger, led the other faction in support of him.

Read and watch in deeper detail about the demonstration here!


Both parents and children gathered in City Hall today to protest against Richard Carranza and his proposed reform policies. Read more about the arguments made on both sides of the divided city council and who is/isn't supporting Carranza!


A number of city councillors held a press conference in City Hall in support of Richard Carranza, NYC's Schools Chancellor. A group of Asian parents quickly assembled after seeing the sudden gathering to protest against Carranza and his questionable leadership. Chen Huihua, president of the New York Homologous Association,took part in the demonstration on the 18th. He criticized Carranza's education reforms, saying they "failed to unite the community, but instead exacerbated ethnic divisions".

Learn more about Chen Huihua's and the demonstrator's argument against Carranza here!


While the City Council "African Latino and Asian Caucus" and the "Progressive Caucus" announced their support for NYC Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza, Asian parents protestors gathered meters away in opposition of Carranza. Braving the rain, they held umbrellas in one hand and slogans with the other to criticize Carranza's questionable leadership and his controversial education reforms.

Read more about what actions each side are taking here!


The City Council "African Latino and Asian Caucus" and the "Progressive Caucus" gathered in city hall today to announce their support for Richard Carranza among vocal protestors who demanded him to step down.

Watch news coverage about the arguments from both sides!