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On Tuesday, July 5, from 7-9pm, we will be hosting an opening ceremony for the Youth4AM program.

Students and TAs, please invite your parents to this meeting, as both the attendance of you and your parents is appreciated.

This ceremony is intended to show parents the benefits of our program and to invite students and TAs back into the program.

Parents will also have a chance to meet their children’s TAs.

For TAs, this event will affect your evaluation, depending on if you attend or not.

We will have guest speakers visiting us:

  • Yiatin Chu (Co-president and Co-founder of PLACE NYC)

  • Wai Wah Chin (Founding president of Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York)

  • Connie Hsu (Stuy PTA ex co-president)

  • Selena Chu (Advocate for merit-based schools)

  • Ann Hsu (San Francisco Unified Board of Education)




7 月 5 日星期二晚上 7 点到 9 点,我们将为 Youth4AM 项目举办开幕式。



家长也将有机会见到孩子的助教。 对于助教来说,这个活动会影响你的评价,取决于你是否参加。


  • Yiatin Chu (PLACE NYC 联合总裁兼联合创始人)

  • Wai Wah Chin (Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York 会长)

  • Connie Hsu (Stuy PTA 前联席主席)

  • Selena Chu (择优学校倡导者)

  • Ann Hsu(旧金山联合教育委员会)

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