Youth4AM Camp is much more than just a tutoring session for the SHSAT. Not only is it a summer camp that allows our students to academically excel, but it’s also a camp that’s teaching our new generation of young Chinese individuals to be stronger leaders through the principles of management, communication, and political popularization. We want our kids to accept their identity and promote the excellent values of Chinese diligence, progress, and family values. 

More that just a tutoring program, Youth4AM consists of projects that teaches students as well as the TAs skills that will be useful in the future. These projects are divided among 5 teams, aiming to get students to interact with their community as well as learn valuable skills. Through these interactions, students are able to apply their skills outside of the classroom and gain insightful experiences. 



Project Management Training

In a workshop led by experienced TAs, incoming TAs learned about the characteristics and qualities of a leader and how to manage big projects more efficiently. The powerpoint below covers the fundamental steps of project management: Planning, Allocation, Execution, and Evaluation. Leadership attributes such as being responsible, committed, reliable, and taking initiatives are emphasized as well. 

Project Management Powerpoint


Communication is required to interact with others, whether it be online or in person. The Communication team has assignments that have students reach out to parents and guest speakers via invitations for events. These events provoke students and TAs to research and discuss about current global issues. The content of the events vary, but all are aimed to teach students. These assignments consist of public speaking, culture expansion, and many more opportunities for students to expand their knowledge. To further their growth, we had students present their findings to help with public speaking. In addition to helping the students with public speaking we can also spread ideas and influence those who attend the presentations.By handling the logistics and carefully planning out the agenda, the Communication Team ensures that community events are informative and run smooth.

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Future Planning

The Future Conference Team seeks to prepare the “Preparing for the Future – From IT and Data Technology to AI” conference – a full day conference in August 2021 designed to inform students and parents about the direction of the future.  It is estimated that 65% of kids currently in primary school will be working in a job that doesn’t exist right now when they grow up. As such, Youth4AM will be hosting the conference to provide insight into secure job and career prospects of the future in industries such as FinTech, New Retail, BioTech, Life Sciences, and AI.

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The Academic Team organizes scores and evaluates the performances of students and TAs based on an original rubric. Because of the flexibility of the rubric and how easily it can be improved, the evaluation rubric can be used and modified upon again. By enforcing the rubric, The academic team makes sure the camp runs smoothly and each group is on task.

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The Funding team is created with the goal of gaining government funding, which the New York Residents Alliance requires. This would allow the Youth4AM program to continue with better resources as well as allow for the organization to continues fighting for what we believe in. The Funding team will research what is needed for government funding, as well as what the New York Residents Alliance can acquire. This provides students with a great opportunity to learn more knowledge concerning the government and the economy.

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Information Technology

The IT Team is in charge of creating  and maintaining a website to further spread awareness of the goals the NYRA values: equality, solidarity, and safety in New York City. The team also took the role of securing a database that efficiently handled the organization and documentation of information inputted by the parents, students, and staff of the program. With the world accelerating upon digital advancements, it’s becoming more urgent to illuminate the future generation the mechanisms of the digital world. Thus, the IT Team gains exposure to information technology and website development. In addition to website building, there will also be graphic design, written content creation, and social media marketing.

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