The program begins May 28th and meets every Saturday morning until June 25th. Starting July 5th, the program will meet Monday to Friday until August 5th. Sessions will be from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Youth4AM营从 5 月 28 日开始,每周六早上开会,直到 6 月 25 日。 从 7 月 5 日开始,将在周一至周五举行,直至 8 月 5 日。 课时间为上午 9:00 至下午 1:00。

Homework will be given out every day and reviewed by a professional teacher the next day from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM. During this time, the teacher will make sure to go over the homework, test taking strategies, concepts and any other questions the students have. After homework review, students will break out into group sessions where they will work with a small group of TAs and students to review SHSAT topics. 

作业将每天发出,并由专业老师在第二天上午 9:00 至上午 10:30 进行审核。 在此期间,老师将确保检查学生的家庭作业、应试策略、概念和任何其他问题。 作业审查后,学生将分组讨论,在那里他们将与一小组助教和学生一起审查 SHSAT 主题。

After the review session, your child will be placed in a group session with 5 highly qualified TAs along with 9 other students from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM. These TAs will put together daily lessons reviewing all of the major SHSAT topics to work on your child’s weaknesses and improve their scores. These lessons will be accompanied by classwork organized by the TAs. The 1:1 TA to student ratio offered in this program provides for a perfect learning environment. 

复习课结束后,您的孩子将在上午 10:30 至下午 1:00 与 8 名高素质助教以及其他 7 名学生一起参加小组课程。 这些助教将每天的课程汇总在一起,回顾所有主要的 SHSAT 主题,以解决您孩子的弱点并提高他们的分数。 这些课程将附有助教组织的课堂作业。 该计划中提供的 1:1 助教与学生比例提供了一个完美的学习环境。

We will use the results of the first pre-test, which will be given on 5/28, to group students based on their performances. Students will be grouped with 9 other students who have similar strengths and weaknesses in math and ELA. 

我们将使用将于 5 月 28 日进行的第一次预测试的结果,根据学生的表现对他们进行分组。 学生将与其他 9 名在数学和 ELA 方面具有相似优势和劣势的学生分组。

Throughout the program, we will provide 3 practice tests to the students that will be thoroughly reviewed.

在整个课程中,我们将为学生提供 3 个练习测试,这些测试将被彻底审查。

You will receive weekly reports on your child’s homework and test grades along with certain weaknesses and strengths that have been identified by TAs.


The minimum tuition of $550 is required to be paid ASAP. Should you pay more than $550, we will count the amount you paid over $550 as a donation. You will be sent two separate receipts for the tuition and the donation, and donations to Youth4AM are 50% tax deductible.

必须尽快支付 550 美元的最低学费。 如果您支付的金额超过 550 美元,我们会将您支付的金额超过 550 美元计为捐赠。 您将收到两张单独的学费和捐款收据,向 Youth4AM 捐款可享受 50% 的税收减免。

Please Quickpay or Zelle the tuition and/or donation to (New York Residents Alliance). The student’s full name & invoice number MUST be included on the payment memo. Use the following spreadsheet to find your child’s corresponding invoice number. If you use a wrong invoice no. or didn’t include one, your child won’t be able to receive the classroom access. You’ll receive a payment invoice or donation receipt via email.

请将学费和/或捐款 Quickpay 或 Zelle 发送至纽约居民联盟)。 学生的全名和发票号码必须包含在付款备忘录中。 使用以下电子表格查找您孩子的相应发票编号。 如果您使用错误的发票编号。 或者不包括一个,您的孩子将无法获得课堂访问权。 您将通过电子邮件收到付款发票或捐赠收据。


Applicants will be contacted via email. Expect offer letters in late-May. 

For prospective high school volunteers, the leadership development program is completely free!

We will provide certificates of volunteer hours upon completion. You can also request us to send data to your school if your school has community service hour requirements or fill out school forms.

Yes! Even if you have some other activities you can still volunteer on days when you are available. However, it is preferred for TAs to be available throughout most of the program to engage and build relationships with the students. Please let us known as soon as possible if you are unavailable on certain days so that we can arrange another TA to fill your spot for  those days. 

Prior tutoring experience is not required to become a TA! At Youth4AM, you will be given the chance to develop essential skills like leadership, public speaking, management, and more. Through these experiences, you would become a more complete individual.

TAs are responsible for recording your students’ daily attendance and scores, both homework and classwork. TAs must also send weekly progress reports to the parents and communicate with them effectively.  

If you have any other questions, please contact