Current Projects: 

  • Maintaining and updating the website!

Past Projects:

  • Creating the website

Over the summer, the IT Team learned about the process of website development using Amazon Web Services and WordPress. Amazon Web Services, AWS in short, provides a cloud computing platform that we used for server hosting, domain registration, and database storage. We used a popular website publishing software called WordPress to design our website. WordPress allows us to choose themes of our liking and provides numerous applications such as Elementor, GiveWP, and more to enhance our website. With these applications, we were able to set up features such as a donation page, an event calendar, form registration, and attach social media. In all, the website is informative and appealing. By building a website, we hope to bring our values onto the internet and spread awareness about our missions. 

  • MySQL

The IT Team also gained exposure to MySQL, a popular open-source relational database management system. The team learned about the applications of a database and practiced the basics of SQL, structured query language. In the near future, the IT Team is planning to link the database to the website, storing information from online forms and organizing it in a more efficient way.