Current Projects: None

Past Projects:

  1. Public Speaking Events – Aside from reaching out to students and parents, the Communication Team also hosted 2 virtual events this past summer.
    • 7/17/20 Mask Controversy Presentation Event

The July event was the first opportunity for students and TAs to work together and prepare a presentation about their research on the discussion topic: the Coronavirus and the Mask Controversy. The Communication Team handled the logistics of this event, sending out invites to speakers, judges, and parents to raise awareness. The Communication Team came up with a structured agenda to ensure that the event goes smoothly and without delay. 

    • 8/7/20 Speaker’s Night Event

Like the July event, the Communication Team made and sent out invitations to officials and opinion speakers to give insight on Chinese American status in the United States. Both students and TAs were encouraged to attend the event as well and include important arguments brought up as well. These two events were a learning experience for the team and reflections were conducted each time to limit the delays and technical difficulties in the future.