Youth4AM’s mission is to foster future Chinese American leaders.  

As a leader, a person is held to greater responsibilities than just academic excellence. We endeavor to become stronger leaders by preparing for forward-looking careers while building soft skills, such as leadership and teamwork. 

We believe that good leaders should advocate for participation in community service, so we can uphold integrity and benefit our community for future generations to come. 

As Chinese Americans, we aspire to promote our identities as part of both the American and Chinese communities. We believe that it is our responsibility to voice our opinions  in American democracy and perform civic duties, such as voting. We seek to instill and display our pride by promoting the excellent Chinese values of diligence, progress, and familial harmony. 

Youth4AM believes in equal opportunity, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, and financial status, and we strive to uphold our standard of merit-based excellency through hard work, persistence, and continuous self-improvement.